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2021 Rough Riders Football

The mission of the American Collegiate Academy High School football program is to field a team that excels on the field, achieves in the classroom, and positively impacts our school and community. Every athlete in our program will be treated with respect and dignity as we strive to reach our potential as a team and as individuals. We will always play the game with class, within the rules and with great intensity. Our program and football community will always appreciate and value diversity so that each individual experiences a safe environment that allows each students athlete to acquire the knowledge, the work ethic, and communication skills necessary to become responsible and productive members of society.

2021 Rough Riders Football: What's Happening

 American Collegiate Academy Rough Riders

2020 SSIA Florida State Champion Runner-ups

(Formally the Pioneers)
Let’s WIN Together

At American Collegiate Academy, we’re proud to offer a unique football experience designed to enhance intellectual growth and enhance personal accountability.  We have high standards and high expectations.

2021 Rough Riders Football: Welcome