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Rclone is a command line program to manage files on cloud storage.After download and install, continuehere to learn how to use it: Initial configuration,what the basic syntax looks like, describes thevarious subcommands, the various options,and more.

Server side copies are used with sync and copy and will beidentified in the log when using the -v flag. The move commandmay also use them if remote doesn't support server-side move directly.This is done by issuing a server-side copy then a delete which is muchquicker than a download and re-upload.

would mean limit the upload and download bandwidth to 10 MiB/s.NB this is bytes per second not bits per second. To use asingle limit, specify the desired bandwidth in KiB/s, or use asuffix BKMGTP. The default is 0 which means to not limit bandwidth.

The default is to run 8 checkers in parallel. However, in caseof slow-reacting backends you may need to lower (rather than increase)this default by setting --checkers to 4 or less threads. This isespecially advised if you are experiencing backend server crashesduring file checking phase (e.g. on subsequent or top-up backupswhere little or no file copying is done and checking takes upmost of the time). Increase this setting only with utmost care,while monitoring your server health and file checking throughput.

The fact that an existing file rclone.conf in the same directoryas the rclone executable is always preferred, means that it is easyto run in "portable" mode by downloading rclone executable to awritable directory and then create an empty file rclone.conf in thesame directory.

NB on Windows using multi-thread downloads will cause theresulting files to be sparse.Use --local-no-sparse to disable sparse files (which may cause longdelays at the start of downloads) or disable multi-thread downloadswith --multi-thread-streams 0

Exactly how many streams rclone uses for the download depends on thesize of the file. To calculate the number of download streams Rclonedivides the size of the file by the --multi-thread-cutoff and roundsup, up to the maximum set with --multi-thread-streams.

If the --order-by flag is not supplied or it is supplied with anempty string then the default ordering will be used which is asscanned. With --checkers 1 this is mostly alphabetical, howeverwith the default --checkers 8 it is somewhat random.

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You don't need to download Driver Verifier, because it is included with most versions of Windows in %WinDir%\system32\ as Verifier.exe. (Driver Verifier is not included with Windows 10 S, so we recommend testing driver behavior on Windows 10 instead.) Driver Verifier is not distributed separately as a download package.

Key Findings General overview Scale: massive growth in fact-checks about COVID-19 Formats: little coronavirus misinformation is completely fabricated. All of it is technologically simple Sources: misinformation moves top-down as well as bottom-up Claims: much misinformation concerns the actions of public authorities Responses: platforms have responded to much, but not all, of the misinformation identified by fact-checkers Conclusions and recommendations Footnotes References Acknowledgements About the authors Methodological Appendix

In this factsheet we identify some of the main types, sources, and claims of COVID-19 misinformation seen so far. We analyse a sample of 225 pieces of misinformation rated false or misleading by fact-checkers and published in English between January and the end of March 2020, drawn from a collection of fact-checks maintained by First Draft.

The 225 pieces of misinformation analysed were sampled from a corpus of English-language fact-checks gathered by First Draft, focusing on content rated false or misleading. The corpus combines articles to the end of March from fact-checking contributors to two separate networks: the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) and Google Fact Checking Tools. We systematically assessed each fact-checked instance and coded it for the type of misinformation, the source for it, the specific claims it contained, and what seemed to be the motivation behind it. Furthermore, we gathered social media engagement data for all pieces of content identified and linked to by fact-checkers in the sample to get an indication of the relative reach of and engagement with different false or misleading claims. A majority (88%) of the sample appeared on social media platforms. A small amount (also) appeared on TV (9%), was published by news outlets (8%), or appeared on other websites (7%). Throughout the factsheet, when we speak about misinformation, it is on the basis of this sample of content rated false or misleading by independent professional fact- checkers. Please see the methodological appendix for a fuller description of the methods and sample.

While fact-checks provide a reliable way to identify timely pieces of misinformation, fact-checkers cannot address every piece of misinformation and their professional work necessarily involves various selection biases as they focus scare resources (Graves 2016). Fact-checkers also have limited access to misinformation spreading in private channels, by email, in closed groups, and via messaging apps (and in offline conversations). Similarly, engagement data for social media posts analysed here is only indicative of wider engagement with and exposure to misinformation which can spread in many different ways, both online and offline. In many cases, it is likely that claims were repeated and spread by many accounts across platforms not included in these data. Still, engagement data provide some indication of the relative reach of different claims.

It is also notable how few pieces of misinformation across the sample appeared intended to generate a profit. Only six (3%) pieces of content were obviously linked to supposed cures, vaccines, or protective equipment for sale, and eight (4%) were posted on advertising-heavy websites and meant to generate clicks.4 (This may reflect the priorities of professional fact-checkers rather than the wider universe of misinformation, as there is almost certainly a large volume of low-grade for-profit coronavirus misinformation being published by those trying to generate advertising revenues that may evade the attention of fact-checkers).

Notably, misinformation about government action and about the public spread of the virus generally challenge information often communicated by various public authorities: whether that is communicating their direct policies or providing pressing public information. While the prominence of these topics may be a function of being easier for fact-checkers to validate, they could also indicate that governments have not always succeeded in providing clear, useful, and trusted information to address pressing public questions. In the absence of sufficient information, misinformation about these topics may fill in gaps in public understanding, and those distrustful of their government or political elites may be disinclined to trust official communications on these matters.


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