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Download Angry Birds Blast: A New Puzzle Adventure Game with Balloons and Pigs

Angry Birds Blast is a puzzle adventure game! The birds are trapped inside balloons and you have to free them. Touch a balloon when it is in groups of two or more to blast them. Tap matching balloons to blast them to smithereens and free the flock!

Angry Birds is kinda classic arcade games are about solving Levels, and a dare to beat levels drives the most positive emotions with a feeling of accomplishment. The leaderboard even raises the competitive spirit by displaying scores of your friends and players across the world. Hop on special events, daily challenges, treasure hunts, etc. & test your strategic skills within the gameplay. Ready, steady, Gooo!! Download & chill with angry birds!!

download angry birds blast

Angry Birds Blast is also one of the most approachable games in the franchise, playable offline and conveniently downloadable anywhere at a svelte 80 MB. Connect the game to Facebook and find your friends on the map and check the global leaderboards. The game also has haptic feedback, so players can feel the blast.

Angry Birds is a Finnish action, puzzle, and strategy based media franchise created by Rovio Entertainment. The game series focuses on the eponymous flock of colorful angry birds who try to save their eggs from green-colored pigs. Inspired by the game Crush the Castle,[1] the game has been praised for its successful combination of fun gameplay, comical style, and low price. Its popularity led to many spin-offs; versions of Angry Birds created for PCs and video game consoles, a market for merchandise featuring its characters, Angry Birds Toons, a televised animated series, and two films; The Angry Birds Movie and its sequel The Angry Birds Movie 2. By January 2014, there had been over 2 billion downloads across all platforms, including both regular and special editions.[2][3]

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Blast into a new Angry Birds puzzle adventure game! The birds are trapped inside balloons, and you can bet the pigs are behind it all. Tap matching balloons to blast them to smithereens and free the flock!

In this title, as in previous versions, the bad pigs want to steal the eggs of birds to provide their meals. This is where the Reds, along with jazz and bombs and other angry birds, take action and return the stolen eggs to their parents. In the story of this version, when the birds notice strange events, they see a balloon that has landed on the shore of their island. At this time, they enter the balloon and get stuck. Now you are the only one to save them. You have to solve a lot of puzzles so that the birds can defeat the pigs and return to the island with the eggs.

Your ultimate goal in Angry Birds Blast for PC is to save the birds from the annoying pigs who stuck them in the balloons. To save the birds, you need to match at least two similar balloons and blast them. There are more than 4500 levels to play in this game. Take note that at each level, there will be a unique objective to surpass and a certain number of moves to use as well.

Angry Birds Blast - is a casual puzzle game about saving angry birds from a pack of clever pigs. The game tells about the birds, who again fell into the trap of green pigs. Embark on a journey through colorful levels and help the birds in the liberation of their relatives. You need to click on the cluster of balls of the same color and remove them from the playing field, use bonuses and abilities of the main characters. The levels usually have several goals, for example, to set the specified number of points and release all the birds trapped in the bubbles. Think through your moves, make long chains, and use power-ups. Enjoy bright graphics, cool animation, hundreds of levels and exciting mechanics that will not let you get bored.

Angry Birds Blast Island continues a series of arcade games about angry birds, this time the birds were in captivity and imprisoned in various balls, your task is moving on the playing field balls to make them according to the color, the larger the sequence the more you will save birds one at a time and thus earn more points. In the best traditions of the series, Rovio is not limited to one game mechanics and gave gamers a number of possibilities, great graphics, favorite characters and lots of humor.

The classic incomparable angry bird has returned to people's sight! This time they brought a elimination game, through our click to rescue the bird trapped in the balloon. Of course, our old friend Green Pig also played an important role this time. Come on, let us help these angry birds hit the enemy and return to freedom!

At the beginning of each Angry Birds game scenario, playersreceive a number of birds to use as projectile weapons. The birdsare fired from a catapult to smash into the pigs and blast throughtheir fiendishly created hideouts. The smooth graphics engine withhigh-quality cartoon visuals and audio create a novel, addictivegame for all.


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