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Village Monsters Free Download (v1.06) BEST

I limited myself to a 48x48 base, but villagers are allowed to exceed these boundaries if they have particularly large distinguishing features. I mean, these are monsters - you can't force them to fit into a box.

Village Monsters Free Download (v1.06)

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Download each of the basic course installation files below. These are free with FSX Play. Select the courses you have purchased and download the installation file from the purchased course library below.

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14 additional Side Quests were added to the game through Downloadable Content, 13 of which being a part of the paid Expansion Pass, and 1 being a free download as a part of a crossover between Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. You can find the guides for these quests linked at the bottom of this page. (Work in Progress) 041b061a72


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