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[S1E4] The Return Of Grandma !!EXCLUSIVE!!

D.J., Stephanie, and Joey enjoy a nice Saturday morning in front of the TV, until Danny calls him into the kitchen (see Quotes). There, Jesse shows Danny and Joey a turtle, named Bubba, that he brought home because it saved his life while he was on his way home from a gig. He then leaves the kitchen to get his guitar and bring it into the house. By the time he returns, the girls have noticed Bubba, and they talk their dad into letting the turtle stay.

[S1E4] The Return of Grandma

When the mothers return, the house is still a mess, but the mothers see how the guys help the girls handle the loss of Bubba, to which all sides feel a little bit better. The mothers still threaten to make good on Danny's deal and move in because the house is still a mess, so Danny has the mothers take the girls to the zoo. After a huddle break, the guys actually get to work, and, as they clean, they sing and dance along to James Brown's "I Got You (I Feel Good)" (after which, the performance garners applause from the studio audience).

This time, the house is clean when the mothers return, and with five seconds to spare, per Danny. Claire admits that Danny can handle things on his own, and the moms check to make sure the guys held true to their word, and they did.

It's revealed that, years ago, Urcheon saved the life of Calanthe's husband, King Roegner. In return he claimed the Law of Surprise, which dictates that a man saved by another is expected to offer his saviour a boon whose nature is unknown to one or both parties. In most cases, this 'boon' takes the form of the saved man's firstborn child. The Law of Surprise is a particularly complicated, weird part of the lore in The Witcher, but the show does a decent job explaining it. The fight spreads to the entire room. Eist, who has a deep respect for the Law of Surprise, joins Geralt and Urcheon. Destiny, it seems, has chosen Urcheon, hedgehog face and all, to be Pavetta's husband.

Bunk and McNulty review old homicide cases and try to match them to the Barksdale Organization. Landsman insists they review the case of Deirdre Kresson, a college girl murdered far from the west side, with a "Dee" listed as a possible suspect. McNulty reluctantly agrees to investigate the seemingly unrelated murder since Homicide is currently understaffed. At the crime scene, the two communicate using only variations of the word "fuck" as they recreate the murder and find a shell casing and bullet that previous detectives missed. Landsman visits Rawls and, while noting McNulty's character flaws, asserts that those very qualities make him a good detective. Relenting, Rawls offers a deal: if McNulty wraps up the detail in two weeks, he can return to normal duty.

The line is said as Bubbles is being returned to the ghetto by McNulty after the two have spent an afternoon in suburbia, which Bubbles refers to as "Leave It to Beaver land." Bubbles is referring to the fact that despite the short drive, there is a night and day difference between Baltimore county (heaven) and Baltimore City (here).

Despite receiving a pardon that would allow him to return to the Seven Kingdoms, Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen), who has clearly come to deeply admire Daenerys, prevents an assassination attempt on the khaleesi that was orchestrated by King Robert. An enraged Khal Drogo then vows to cross the Narrow Sea with his khalasar to conquer Westeros for his unborn son.

Later, Cersei holds court at a meeting of the Small Council by announcing that she will be advising Tommen until he comes of age and chooses a Hand for himself. She proceeds to name Mace Tyrell as the new Master of Coin and Qyburn as the new Master of Whisperers. But when she tries to appoint her uncle, Kevan Lannister (Ian Gelder), to the position of Master of War, he rebukes her by declaring that he returned to the capital to pay his respects to his brother, Tywin, not to serve as one of her flunkies. He goes on to say that he does not recognize her authority and will be waiting for word from the king at Casterly Rock. Cersei silently fumes over his insults.

In Braavos, a blind Arya is begging for coins on the street when the Waif shows up with two wooden staffs and tries to goad her into a fight. The Waif then mercilessly beats her and promises to return the next day.

Outside of Vaes Dothrak, Jorah reveals his Greyscale to Daenerys and finally admits that he is in love with her. He says that he intends to end his life before the Greyscale turns him mad, but Daenerys tearfully orders him to find a cure and return to her side instead.

When three men who claim they are members of the Brotherhood Without Banners show up requesting provisions, the Hound warns Brother Ray that they should be ready for the trio to retaliate against them for failing to comply with their demands. But Ray refuses, insisting that violence is not the answer. Later, while the Hound is in the forest chopping wood, the group returns and murders everyone in the village, including Brother Ray. Upon discovering the massacre, the Hound angrily retrieves an ax and sets out to take his vengeance.

Daenerys finally accepts his loyalty after he promises to tell her if she is doing wrong by the people rather than conspiring against her. In return, she promises to burn him alive if he ever betrays her.

Later, Jon, Davos and Missandei are chatting on the causeway when they spot Theon and the surviving ironborn coming ashore. Theon is surprised to see Jon but immediately asks if Sansa is alright. A visibly angry Jon roughly grabs Theon and tells him that the only thing stopping him from killing him is what he did for Sansa. Theon then reveals that he has returned to ask Daenerys for help rescuing Yara, but Jon tells him that Daenerys is gone.

In an emotional final montage of scenes, Sansa is crowned Queen in the North, Arya sets sail for the western horizon on a ship bearing the Stark sigil and Jon returns to Castle Black, where Tormund and Ghost are waiting for him. Jon then sets out beyond the Wall with the remaining wildlings in a way that seems to hint he may never return.

Calanthe returns to the castle, where she lies bloody and badly wounded. Cintra is also under attack, and Nilfgaard have made their way to the city. Only 100 or so citizens are within the walls of Queen Calanthe's castle. Calanthe reminds Ciri that one day she will rule Cintra. As the Nilfgaardians reach the gate, Mousesack creates a magical barrier around the citadel.

Years in the past, Queen Calanthe returns victorious from a raiding party just in time to oversee a betrothal party for her daughter Princess Pavetta. She has already secretly arranged for her daughter to marry Crach an Craite despite Pavetta's numerous objections. Calanthe explains that marrying Crach is the key to Cintra having power after she dies and that Pavetta's feelings are of little concern.

Pavetta greets Duny, with whom she's been engaged in a secret relationship with for over a year. He was cursed as a young boy, and lived his whole life in misery until the day he saved Queen Calanthe's husband, King Roegner from certain death. By tradition, he chose the Law of Surprise as payment. Eist recommends that Queen Calanthe honor the tradition, because Destiny has determined the surprise be Pavetta. When he heard the king returned to find a child on the way, Duny had originally abandoned all hope of claiming the Law of Surprise. He knew no woman could accept him as he is. So he waited until the twelfth bell when the curse breaks. He never intended to meet Pavetta, only to watch from afar, but destiny intervened and they fell in love.

The next day, Will is out with Phillip's parents at Disneyland, while the family is preparing for the interview by going over what each person is to say. A reporter Named Melissa Klein walks in and the interview promptly begins. After that, Will returns home with Phillip's parents. Looking at the time, Hattie and Joe decide to go to bed. Afterwards, the reporter walks in and gets on the phone. She decides to kill the story about Philip, saying his life dull. Will, who overheard the conversation, assures her that his uncle is much more than what she thinks. He tells her the stories about Philip's past "barnyard life" he heard from Hattie.

Considering how tiny shrews are in comparison to the big city, they struggled but found their footing when his grandma opens a small bakery. He takes the role of delivery boy, delivering the baked goods across the city on a tiny tricycle.

In the hospital waiting area, Ross waits to be seen. A tense Chandler approaches the snippy receptionist, Nurse Sizemore, to inform her they have been waiting for over an hour. However, she shuts the glass panel on him, so Chandler talks into the glass instead. Ross reveals that he actually lost his virginity to Carol, so he has only ever been with one woman. This comes as a shock to his friends, and Joey mentions how hockey was the wrong idea. Eventually, Ross finally gets to see a doctor, while Joey and Chandler discuss the fact that Ross has only ever been with one woman. Chandler starts off by saying that he thinks it is sweet and romantic, but he then admits that he thinks Ross is a freak. Ross returns to the waiting room with a piece of steel bandaged to his nose. The receptionist looks at him and laughs at how unattractive he looks. Ross wants the hockey puck as a souvenir, but a bratty child in the waiting area has it. Ross asks to have it back but the kid refuses. Ross tries to snatch it away, but it flies out of his grasp and knocks the receptionist out, which finally puts a smile on his face.

Their relationship is a major plot point of "Rest and Ricklaxation." Morty wants to ask her for a date when he finds out that Jessica is now single. He eventually can't say a word due to his insecurities and is dragged to another adventure by Rick. After the adventure proves to be very long and exhausting (and resulting in their closest brush with death), Rick and Morty go to an intergalactic day spa and get their toxins removed from their bodies. This includes all of Morty's insecurities, making him confident enough to finally ask Jessica for a date. Jessica seems not to like Morty's new persona and leaves. Morty is then seen hanging out with different women. She later calls Morty and tells him she misses him. This call helps Rick track down Morty and inject him with his toxins, returning Morty to normal. By the end of the episode, she is talking about going out to dinner with Brad, making Morty depressed. She cheers Morty up when she tells him it's good to have him back. The episode suggests that she might have started to genuinely care for Morty, at least as a friend. 041b061a72


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