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This week, Voyager makes friends with a race of telepaths called the Mari, a peaceful race which has eliminated violence from its society. A problem arises, however, when a Mari named Frane (Bobby Burns) "accidentally" steps on B'Elanna's foot. She's angry, but there's no harm done. But later Frane goes off and beats a man. An investigation by a Mari official named Nimira (Gwynyth Walsh, who played the scheming B'Etor of the Duras house on TNG) leads to the conclusion that B'Elanna had a violent thought, which she inadvertently passed to Frane, causing him to beat the defenseless man. B'Elanna is arrested and sentenced to an irreversible procedure that would remove the violent thoughts from her brain. Tuvok takes on the investigation to prove B'Elanna's innocence, in a strangely effective mix of "Meld" and "Ex Post Facto."

Random thoughts…..

Okay, I'll go ahead and get my qualms out of the way: First, I find it very unlikely that Janeway and the Voyager crew would not have been made aware that violent thoughts could lead to this sort of eruption in the first place. The Mari officials must be awfully stupid not to warn aliens who are not as "enlightened" as they are about the serious repercussions something so simple as a subconscious violent thought could cause. Sorry, I just don't buy it. Second, I wasn't totally convinced of the impetus behind the urgent "need" to have the violent thoughts purged from B'Elanna mind (something about preventing a recurrence of the incident?). How exactly would this help? If it is so important one wonders why the Mari would risk hosting alien visitors in the first place (which brings me back to my first complaint).

Ah, how I love psychological analysis. It's not every day the dark themes of violence and the perverse fascination with it crosses the path of Trekkian mythos. It's intriguing here because the Mari's solution of eliminating violence comes at another price: the inability to think freely. Granted, free thought means something completely different to a race of telepaths, but its denial still has consequences, as evidenced by a "black market" of violent thoughts and images, which is uncovered by the end. (We'll get to that momentarily.)

While aboard Voyager, Nimira is puzzled about the ship's brig and the concept of incarceration as a form of punishment, only to be called back to the surface regarding the attack. After questioning the crew, Nimira determines that B'Elanna's angry thought earlier that day was transmitted telepathically to the aggressor, and thus she is the more guilty of the two. She is sentenced to undergo memory modification to remove the thought, as is the aggressor. Janeway protests, as the modification process carries the risk of neurological damage. Before Janeway can unearth enough evidence to try to get Torres out, another attack occurs with the same memory, indicating that it is still in circulation. Unfortunately this attack ends with an old woman plunging a knife into the body of an attractive young woman whom Neelix had become enamored of. Tuvok goes undercover and finds an illicit memory trade in which the salesman of the resonator coil is a key figure. He determines that B'Elanna's memory was goaded from her in order to be resold, but it was too violent for the illicit Mari tradesmen to contain, and this caused the outbursts among the Mari. Torres is released due to this new evidence, just moments before her brain was to be probed. Nimira herself is shocked to find that all thoughts of violence have not disappeared from her people.

When Tuvok and Guill conduct a mind-meld to exchange violent thoughts, the dream sequence shows images from other episodes and Paramount Pictures productions at the time: for a short moment a scene from the film Event Horizon is visible.[1]

Tuvok is magnificent in this episode, as his investigation is straightforward and sensible and clever, and I love how easily he modulates into the role of someone eager for illicit thoughts to feel in order to entrap Guill.

Solo beach walks, rainy days, playing toddler board games, and watching a wildflower maze garden grow. All of these memories gathered, considered, and scribbled down into colors, patterns and shapes. Simply random thoughts organized in Marcia's favorite way.

Random thoughts are those thoughts that appear out of nowhere and quite unexpectedly. At one point you are watching a movie or talking to a friend, while at another you have already entered another dimension trying to give yourself an answer to a completely random question.

Random thoughts often have nothing to do with a particular situation you are in. Random thoughts just appear and like a bird on a branch, land in your brain. Often like birds, they fly away quickly but leave behind more silly new topics to think about.

On the other hand, random thoughts can appear as a result of creativity or solving a certain problem. When we remove all obstacles and let our creativity live, our brain is free of all barriers and works in the craziest way possible. When we are in a certain problem, we will often think too much to find a solution to the problem. That is why, random thoughts, no matter how unnecessary they may seem, can help expand our horizons.

Back on the planet, Nimira asks Janeway, Neelix and Torres routine questions about the incident because they were all witnesses. While asking questions, she telepathically observes their minds. As she is interrogating Torres, the incident where the man bumped into her comes up. Torres admits that she was angry at him and felt like hitting him back for a split second. Upon hearing that comment, Nimira puts Torres under arrest for having violent thoughts.

Nimira justifies her decision by stating that Torres' images were transferred to the man earlier that day in the split-second when she had her violent thoughts. Because of this transfer, it was Torres' fault that the crime took place. Janeway tries to defend Torres, saying that the Mari could not possibly incarcerate Torres for her "thoughts" because the man who committed the act ought to be held responsible for his own actions. However, Nimira refuses to accept Janeway's argument and schedules an engramatic purge of Torres' memory to remove those images. Janeway tries to stop Nimira but she refuses and apologizes, stating that this practice is necessary and part of the Mari criminal investigation system.

Janeway and Tuvok begin their own investigation of the crime to find a way to stop the engramatic purge which could cause Torres serious brain injury. They cannot seem to find any convincing evidence except that the man, Frane, had been charged numerous times with possessing violent thoughts. Nimira says that this information is irrelevant.

Since Tuvok has no intention of really going through with this, he first engages Guill by accepting some violent images from him under the pretense that he wants them. When Guill finishes, Tuvok feigns fatigue while he questions Guill on his operations. It appears there are many willing to buy, sell, or simply exchange, including unwitting alien visitors. Tuvok turns to Torres' thought, and Guill claims he doesn't have it. When Tuvok presses the issue, citing the evidence, Guill gets impatient and wants to go on with getting Tuvok's thoughts. Tuvok finally gives it up and starts to take him to see Nimira. He doesn't get very far before they run into Guill's associates to subdue Tuvok by force.

With Guill's helpers holding Tuvok down, Guill touches his forehead to see his violent thoughts. While pleased by what he finds, he believes that Tuvok is still holding back "the best" of it; the Vulcan agrees and convinces Guill to come closer. When the Mari obliges, Tuvok locks him in a mind meld to show him the full force of his Vulcan emotions; which nearly destroyed the race before they learned to suppress them in the Time of Awakening. Unprepared for such intensity, Guill is overwhelmed by the violence and savagery of Tuvok's deepest, darkest thoughts.

After leaving orbit, The Doctor reverses the effects that the partial engramatic purge had on Torres. In the corridor, Tuvok explains to Torres that investigating this case has given him a new respect for her inner struggle: burdened as she is by her primitive Klingon psyche. Tuvok explains that it is a wonder she is able to keep her violent thoughts under control as much as she does. Torres seems amused, questioning whether Tuvok complimented her and thanks him for his help.

"Where we come from, people are responsible for their own actions.""And here, people are responsible for their own thoughts. I'm sure you can understand how that's necessary for a race of telepaths."

The words casual and haphazard are common synonyms of random. While all three words mean \"determined by accident rather than design,\" random stresses lack of definite aim, fixed goal, or regular procedure. \/\/ a random selection of books" } }, "@type": "Question", "name": "When is 'casual' a more appropriate choice than 'random'?", "acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer", "text": "While in some cases nearly identical to random, casual suggests working or acting without deliberation, intention, or purpose. \/\/ a casual collector" , "@type": "Question", "name": "When is it sensible to use 'haphazard' instead of 'random'?", "acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer", "text": "Although the words haphazard and random have much in common, haphazard applies to what is done without regard for regularity or fitness or ultimate consequence. \/\/ a haphazard collection of rocks" ]} @font-facefont-display:block;font-family:Lato;font-style:normal;font-weight:300;src:local('Lato Light'),local('Lato-Light'),url('') 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