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Watch GR Pride (2014)

Three Cornell students won Robinson Appel Humanitarian Awards April 25 for projects that feed the poor, instill community pride and help senior citizens advocate for health care. The programs are administered by the Cornell Public Service Center.

Watch GR Pride (2014)

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Why do I coach?: I fell in love with Soccer since I was 1st introduced to it and have always dedicated most of my time playing and watching it, dreaming to, one day, being able to make a difference in the world through the game of Soccer. I feel blessed and honored to have had great coaches (mentors), team-mates and opponents, back home, that helped enriching my knowledge about the game and that provided me with the opportunity to play in the highest levels of youth soccer both in Cape Verde and in Portugal. I coach today with the purpose of giving back to the younger generations and provide them with the best experience possible in and around a soccer field, where they are allowed to enjoy themselves, dream big and pursue their life goals.

Why do I coach?: Coaching is a huge part of my life. I love to watch kids grow and teach them the game that I love, and see them transform into great players. I believe that coaching also helps me develop in my own personal life. It is my goal to help these kids fall in love with the game of soccer, and develop into not only great players but great people in life; like how I was inspired by coaches in my life.

John's Favorite Team: Since I can remember listening to the radio and later watching on TV S.L. Benfica is and will always be my favorite team! In Portugal known as the team of the people. Nothing beats the Stadium of lights and the red wave!

Why do I coach?: My two biggest passions in life are soccer and coaching. Soccer was introduced to my brothers and I at a young age and we fell in love quickly. All we did was play soccer in the yard and watch games on television. I knew from a young age I wanted soccer coaching as my profession, a journey I am enjoying. I am grateful to share and teach the game that I grew up loving. My aim is to ignite the passion and love for the game in youngsters so that they continue to love soccer throughout their lives!

Why do I coach?: Some of my first memories are kicking a soccer ball, and was lucky enough to have my dad be my first coach. I knew the game would have a place in my life for as long as I'm standing. There's no better feeling than coaching kids through a season and watching the progress over the year. Helping them through the ups and downs and building a team from a group of individuals. The game is the best teacher, my role and goal is to keep them moving in the right direction and make it fun.

I have been involved with soccer for most of my life. Whether it was playing, watching, coaching, or learning about the game I have always had soccer. I coach because coaching and teaching younger players is the best way to give back to the game that I love.

From advice about being mindful of the movies, TV shows, and music children watch and listen to, to having conversations with children before they start smoking or any tobacco use, the American Cancer Society is an excellent resource and guide for parents and community coalitions.

The Astronomia is the embodiment of 21st-century ultra-high-end watchmaking and a globally recognized symbol of Jacob & Co watchmaking expertise. A world-first both in the boldness of its unprecedented concept and its entirely mechanical construction, the Astronomia has gone beyond impressive horological achievements to becoming an outstanding multidisciplinary engineering accomplishment.At the center of the Astronomia is an unprecedented four-arm movement. Attached to each arm is a novel complication. Two of the complications have earned patents because of their design and engineering. The other two are original works of art that highlight Jacob & Co.'s skilled craftsmanship. When combined, they contribute to a spectacle of moving objects that rotates and floats inside a spectacular sapphire crystal case.Jacob Arabo, the founder of Jacob & Co. said the Astronomia was inspired by the universe and all the ideas and wonderment of celestial bodies. Since its introduction in 2014, the stars, the moon and planets take on a new wonderment and meaning with each new piece. Even as the Astronomia story continues, it has already earned its place in the world of haute horlogerie and extreme extravagance.

The groundbreaking Astronomia four-arm vertical movement has proven to be a creative and technical watchmaking achievement. Each arm has a unique complication exclusive to Jacob & Co.: A magnesium and hand-lacquered globe of the earth, a spherical-shaped diamond with 288 facets known as the "Jacob-Cut," a patented triple-axis tourbillon, and a subdial for the hours and minutes with a patented timepiece-differential gear system.

Each pair of opposing arms are perfectly calculated counterweights of one another - a testament to peerless materials engineering and watch movement design. Any variation of the weight would cause the movement to malfunction. Instead, this high complication and all its moving parts run effortlessly for all to see.

The tourbillon was originally invented to provide improved timekeeping performance for a pocket watch. The Astronomia Tourbillon brings this 200-plus-year-old complication to breathtaking levels of modern refinement and complexity.

The triple-axis tourbillon of the Astronomia Tourbillon is at the forefront of modern watchmaking. The delicately decorated cage encapsulates the balance wheel, hairspring, escape wheel and several other important components. Characterized by this open-worked cage, this outstanding tourbillon rotates on three axes simultaneously. It is a constellation of superbly finished components that, when expertly assembled and fine-tuned, allows the Astronomia caliber to keep accurate time throughout its 60-hour power reserve.

The Jacob-Cut is most recognizable on the Astronomia watch as a diamond that extends from one of the four arms of the vertical Astronomia movement. However, the cut has been applied on colored gemstones and placed in the dial in other ways.

The Astronomia Tourbillon's case measures 50 millimeters in diameter and 25 millimeters in height Crafted from 18K Gold, every variation features four sapphire crystal windows installed throughout the side of the case, allowing for unobstructed view of the spectacular caliber inside. Two 18K Rose Gold lift-out rotating "bows" on the case back are used to wind the watch and set the time. 041b061a72


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