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Phone And Internet Service For Small Business

Home Office Internet is not a business location offering but, instead, is a separate, business-only connection for remote employees at home paid for by the employer. Meanwhile, our Small Business Internet service provides a fixed wireless connection to a small business location. Both include unlimited usage and a 5G/4G LTE Gateway.

phone and internet service for small business

Technology adoption driven by COVID-19 remains a significant focus for small businesses as social distancing and remote working forces stronger bandwidth and more robust digital tools and technologies to keep things running. Nearly 2 in 3 decision-makers (63%) say they are using digital tools and technologies to enhance customer experiences and create new business opportunities, compared to just over half who were doing so this time last year (53%).

As small businesses enhance customer experience with digital operations, business owners need to keep abreast of new products and services that internet Services Providers (ISPs) offer. The fact is, internet speeds that were acceptable in the past might not be the best internet for today, especially with the gaining availability of fiber and wireless technologies, such as 5G.

The best internet, of course, depends on your specific needs. However, every business, regardless of size, needs a fast and reliable business internet option. Slow, unreliable internet service can frustrate customers and employees, with the potential for lost sales and productivity, which may be damaging for small businesses.

DSL offers a reliable internet connection over regular telephone lines or cable to deliver fast download speeds. Because DSL uses a dedicated phone line or cable, it is distance sensitive with stable and consistent speeds, often slower than other options. Verizon business DSL service, "Business internet," is available in many areas.

Satellite connections use satellites to beam the internet feed wirelessly to a customer's installed satellite dish. However, satellite services tend to be both slower and more expensive than other technologies. For customers in rural areas, satellites are often the only broadband option. They are also limited in connecting to streaming content, and the weather can disrupt service.

When it comes to small business internet providers, not all providers are the same. When evaluating small business internet service, look for a provider that offers a complete and reliable communication solution that will allow your employees to share information quickly and easily.

There's no shortage of small business internet providers nowadays, and the best internet for your business depends on your organization's specific needs. However, all small business owners need reliable and fast internet service to connect to their customers and suppliers.

All Offers: Offers available to new business customers only, subject to credit review. Not available in all areas/locations. Depending on speed tier purchased, promotional pricing for Internet and voice guaranteed for 12 consecutive months ($10 increase starting month 13 with 2 year contract), or 24 consecutive months ($10 increase starting month 25 with 2 year contract), or 36 consecutive months ($10 increase starting month 37 with 2 year contract) or 60 consecutive months ($10 increase starting month 61 with 2 year contract) (60 month guarantee not available in all areas where Fios is sold) subject to continuation of qualifying products; price guarantee applies to base monthly rate only; excludes optional services and equipment charges; prices subject to increase thereafter. With no annual contract, price increases to then current market rate subject to the applicable guarantee period. Select installation charges may be waived. Additional charges apply for inside wiring and/or other installation services. $49 activation fee may apply. Offers may be fulfilled via bill credit(s); other taxes, fees & terms apply. Early termination fees for a 2 year contract: 35% of base monthly charges for unexpired term. 2 year term automatically renews at then-current term rates unless canceled within 30 days prior to or 60 days after the term is renewed. Money Back Guarantee (MBG) is available with 2 year contract only and requires cancellation within 30 days of installation; excludes subscriptions, per minute usage, labor/material charges in excess of standard installation and month-to-month service plans, including Fios TV service. Wireless Verizon Router is available for $399.99 purchase and $18/mo rental (except in Maryland, where the wireless Fios Router is available for $299.99 purchase and $15/mo rental). Wireless router models and prices are subject to change. Phone equipment purchase required with VoIP, starting at $85. Equipment must be returned within 30 days of cancellation. Equipment restocking fee may apply if order is canceled or service is terminated within 30 days. MBG and/or promotional offers do not apply to service ordered for temporary, short term or special events. Firm Price Quote is valid for 5 business days and is an estimate based on current pricing, promotions and taxes that are subject to change. Quote does not include additional charges for nonstandard installations. Verizon Wi-Fi available in select areas with qualifying packages. Software limitations and other terms apply. Visit for details. Offers are available for a limited time only and are subject to change without notice. Wired speeds advertised. Wired & wireless speeds vary due to device limits, multiple users, network & other factors. See for more info. Service availability varies.

Fios Switching Allowance Offer: Offer for new business customers in select areas only who sign up for qualifying Fios internet service with a two year agreement (subject to credit review) and who terminated their prior internet service and incurred an early termination fee (ETF). To redeem offer, you must email documentation of the ETF from your prior service provider w/in 30 days after receipt of final bill. Offer fulfilled via a bill credit to your Verizon account in the amount of the billed ETF, up to $1,500. Credit will be issued starting after 30 days of service, and will appear on your Verizon bill within 2-3 billing cycles. You remain solely responsible for paying the ETF to your prior service provider. Offer is non-transferable, has no cash or refund value, and may not be combined with all offers. Other terms apply. Offers end 6.30.23.

Fios Business Internet/Business Unlimited Offer: Offer available to new and existing business customers in select areas only who sign up for both: (i) a qualifying Fios Business Internet plan & (ii) a qualifying Verizon Wireless Business Unlimited plan (eligible smartphone required, device payment purchase or bring your own device). Existing customers are eligible with Fios Business Internet plan upgrade or Business Unlimited plan upgrade or a new line, as applicable. Customers with Fios Gigabit Connection (speeds up to 940/880 Mbps) or Fios 2 Gigabit Connection (speeds up to 2048M/2048M), where available, and Verizon Wireless Business Unlimited Pro plan (at least 1 line) are eligible for a total credit of $80/mo, all other combinations of service plans are eligible for a total credit of $40/mo. Offer fulfilled as a credit of $20/mo. or $40/mo. each to your Fios and Verizon Wireless bills, for a total credit of $40/mo or $80/mo as applicable. Credit is fulfilled at an account level and only one promotional credit per account. Discounts are applied once both services are activated. All discounts apply as long as Verizon provides & business maintains both services at the qualifying levels. Limited time offer.

Business Internet Secure: Available to businesses with 19 employees or less. Requires current Fios Business Internet service. Business Internet Secure licenses are sold in packs of 5, 10, and 25 with one license covering one device (laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet). One license pack at a time per customer account. Prices are monthly and exclusive of taxes and fees. Terms and conditions apply. System requirements: Windows 7 and above; Mac OSX 10.9 and above; Android OS 5.0 and above, or Apple iOS 10.0 and above.

Are you looking for the best VoIP for small business? A VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a cost-effective solution for small businesses. And unlike the traditional phone solutions, an internet business phone system comes with a number of useful features at no additional cost.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology allows you to make or receive calls using the internet, instead of traditional phone lines. VoIP, also known as an internet phone system, converts the sound of your voice into a digital signal that can be sent over the internet much like any other data.

Does your business need an on-premise office phone system that works on existing handsets? Contact centers and enterprise companies often use Nextiva to transition their Avaya private branch exchange (PBX system) into a SIP trunking cloud phone system. is one of the most affordable VoIP services for small businesses and one of the all-around best VoIP phone service. It offers different features like call forwarding, call waiting service, caller ID, voicemail, text messaging, and more.

Reliable VoIP phone systems have over 99.99% uptime, including the services listed above. Keep in mind that VoIP relies on your internet connection, so if your internet unstable, then your phone lines will be too.

Offer available to new business customers only. Service and offer may not be available everywhere. Advertised rate reflects $5 discount for enrolling in Auto Pay and Paperless Billing, must maintain both to keep discount. Advertised 300 Mbps Secure Internet at $65/mo. promotional rate has no term and is subject to change at any time. Promotional rate is specific to this offer and subject to continuation of qualifying products. Promotional rate applies to base monthly rate for advertised service only; excludes optional services and equipment charges. Must maintain required level of service and be in good standing to maintain price guarantee. Installation fee may apply. Monthly cable modem included subject to continuation of qualifying products. Terms and conditions apply. All other services, equipment, fees, surcharges, and taxes apply and are subject to change. Subscription continues and renews automatically each month until canceled. Cancel any time at 866-209-1009. Cancellation effective at end of then-current billing period except in WV. 041b061a72


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