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Willard Airport services Champaign County with a variety of ground transportation options including on-site car rental companies as well as taxi or limo services. Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are available as well.


The average cost of a taxi is $15-20 to campus from Willard Airport or the Illinois Terminal. For assistance, please ask an employee at the airport or the terminal. Be sure to agree on the cost of your cab fare before leaving for your destination.

TaxiFareFinder\'s taxi fare calculation is based on a proprietary algorithm that takes into account multitude of considerations. It is not based solely on the distance and duration of the trip like other calculators available on the web.

TaxiFareFinder utilizes up-to-date taxi rates from over 1000 localities, covering thousands of cities. This information is carefully and constantly monitored for its accuracy by our staff and supporters from our active taxi community.

Reservations are required. When calling for a taxi, please check the price of your ride before starting your journey, especially since most cabs in Champaign are not metered. If you have luggage, ask if the cab charges for luggage. Cab fares from Champaign's Willard Airport to the University of Illinois campus is a flat rate and should not be more than $16.

Suggested modes of transportation (you are responsible for making arrangements and associated costs) within Champaign-Urbana. Area taxi companies and ride sharing services frequently serve the Illinois Terminal on the west side (front).

Champaign Airport CMI can get busy and navigating through the airport terminals can be a challenge as you try to book an airport taxi or other ground transport service. With you can pre-book your passenger pick up car service or Champaign Airport CMI drop off service to avoid unnecessary hassle and travel easier with peace of mind.

Sometimes people just need to take some time out to connect with Mother Nature. A visit to the local park is a good way to do just that. So rent our private SUV, and head on down to the Hessel Park. Are you a sports fanatic? Want to catch a late night game? You came to the right place. Take a trip down to the University of Illinois Assembly Hall in our taxicab, to witness an end to end basketball game.

Remember that below taxi fares are based on estimated Taxi Rates in Champaign, IL. How much you'll be actually charged for your ride between Champaign and Chicago may vary due to the time of the day, tolls, road & weather conditions, inaccuracy of collected pricing data, etc.

Byrne, M. D., & Kirlik, A. (2002). Integrated modeling of cognition and the information environment: Closed-loop, ACT-R modeling of aviation taxi errors and performance. Technical report AHFD-02-19/NASA-02-10. Savoy, IL: Aviation Human Factors Division, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

June 10: Police trace the signal on Zhang's cellphone to the Illinois Terminal on the day she disappeared. Volunteers make inquiries among taxi drivers and one reports a possible sighting of Zhang. However, CCTV footage and a police dog search reveal nothing. 041b061a72


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