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Rev Nkomfa (Hes Not A Man That He Should Lie) __HOT__

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Rev Nkomfa (Hes not a man that He should lie)

IT IS A MEDICINE and not food. This is not all it will do in a curing way. I do not have time and space here to put this in this article, but the white man knows and he will bear me witness that I am teaching you the truth of this hog. Medical scientists and our own doctors are fast learning, since I have been writing this article on HOW TO EAT TO LIVE and are now cooperating with me and agreeing with me that the hog is a poison that we should not eat, though they may be eating it themselves. But, they have to acknowledge the truth. Some of them are intelligent enough now, for the last few years, to start getting away from eating it.

THE PIG IS another poison people are eating. The government takes no steps towards stopping the raising of swine to be marketed for the people to eat, because it is another thing that brings much money to the government. But all the medical scientists know the hog should not be eaten as food by anyone.

I heard the Rev. King say on television that he wanted white people to be his brothers and not his brothers-in-law. He loves our enemies. Any black person who believes in himself should not go near or even listen to this type of teaching. It is really awful to hear a man say such things when he has been beaten and thrown into jail seeking the right to exercise the rights of a member of his own black nation. 041b061a72


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