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I'm not knocking you, the weird stuff you get up to when you live alone after many years of domestic. Spode LE. Pubic hair? Just shave them, it makes your c0ck look bigger! I see no one has raised the 'ginger' issue -- sprung like coil steel and impossible to dye Wetneck Old-Salt. Try doing the hair around your ringpiece next. Much more of a challenge - just don't catch any wayward piles in the straighteners.They make a terrible smell when half-cooked. Post reply. Similar threads. Replies 55 Views 2K. Memories of living in Beirut - Replies 51 Views 7K. Resasi 10 Mar Cookery 2. Replies 34 Views 3K. Replies 0 Views Replies Views 58K. New Posts. The Intelligence Cell. Current Affairs, News and Analysis. Changing the army - how? Latest: bobthebuilder 2 minutes ago. MoD News. Roof Problem Latest: giatttt 3 minutes ago. Make sure this is applied consistently and evenly throughout the hair.Then divide your hair into different sections that you will straighten. One way to create different sections of the hair and make them stay is to use clips or pins to set the hair.It is not about straightening the hair all in one motion but working through the different sections of the head. This is where it can be good to have a comb. Get the section of hair you want to start with the comb and follow behind that with the straightener. It is best to hold the straightener in the opposite hand from the side you are straightening.If you are straightening on the left side of your head, use your right hand. If you are straightening the hair on the right side of your head, use your left hand.Place the straightener around the base of your head where the roots start. Close the straightener on the section of the hair and pull the straightener through your hair with the angle ending up being downwards. When you get near the top layers of hair , it is best to start pulling them towards your hair at an angle.This can allow the hair to sit correctly on your head. This is where you can think through how you want your hairstyled. The angle and way that you pull your hair will decide the look you want. This should have given you a quick and easy idea of what you need to do to make your hair straight. Things you will need to get started are a scrunchy, clips, hair brush, flat iron, heat protector spray, and gel if you choose.First start by plugging your flat iron in and setting to the highest heat setting. Section out the hair in three to four sec Flat irons are easy to use once you learn how to use them. In this video, we show you four simple steps to achieve straight, smooth and shiny hair. Wash Apply a heat protectant before you blow dry. Heat protectant comes in cream, spray or gel form. Do you have unruly and curly hair? If you have wild waves and are looking for a straighter, sleeker hairdo, check out this tutorial.In this video, made especially for girls with hard to straighten shorter hair, you will get some helpful tips and advice on taming that mop of y The girl presenting this video shows you how to straighten really frizzy, wavy or curly hair. She first shows you how frizzy and curly her hair is. Then to straighten it, first you need to take the middle section of the hair and tie it up so that you can first work on the side How to Get Rid of Crabs Knowing how to get rid of crabs is very simple.The crabs talked about here are not the ones you find in the sea, but they are the crabs people get from sex. The technical name for these troublesome creatures is pubic lice. Below, you will see how to g In this tutorial, we learn how to deal with bed bugs in college. There is no treatment for bed bugs, you just have to get rid of where they are living. If you suspect they are in sheets, blankets or clothes, you must wash these in extremely hot water or freeze them for 24 hour This video shows the method to create a messy bed hair for men.Straighten your hair with a GHD ministyler. The product to be used to style your hair is ID hair dusty Bronze "clay wax".This should be applied in dry hair. You can wash the wax out by shampooing your hair twice. In this tutorial, we learn how to style a Japanese style high ponytail. First, spray volumizing hair spray in your hair, then blow dry your hair upside down to create a ton of volume. Now, use a flat iron to straighten your hair thoroughly. Make sure all the hair is pin straig In this tutorial, we learn how to do a messy hair bump pony tail.To begin, you will need to straighten your hair all the way through with a straightener. Next, you will push your hair back and tie into a pony tail in the back. As you are gathering your hair for the pony tail, This how to video shows you how to style your hair like Zac Efron with American Crew molding clay. You will need the clay mentioned and a brush. First, comb your hair so that you have side swept bangs. Use a straightening iron on your hair if it is very curly and textured.In this how to video, you will learn how to make a great, sleek hair style with Rasmus. You will need a GHD straight iron and heat protector. First, spray your hair. Once this is done, work it through with y Do you have long hair but want short hair for a day? With this video you can do that easily! First, section off your hair so half of it is up. Then, take the bottom portion and braid it. Tie it off at the end, then roll this into a bun and stick it to the base of your head.In this tutorial, we learn how to curl your hair with a straightening iron. To begin, straighten your entire head of hair with a thin straightening iron.When you are finished, section your hair off. Now, take a 1" strand of hair and open it up. Wrap the hair around one part o If you want to have really sleek and straight hair you will need to start prepping in the shower. Wash your hair with a shampoo made to condition and straighten hair.Next you will need to mix in a product before drying your hair. Use a protective product and then straighten h Get that extra oomph in your hair by teasing it! Teasing your hair will allow you to poof it up a little bit for styling purposes. Teasing, backcombing, or ratting: however you say it, big hair is back in a big way. Learn how you can pump up the volume. Step 1: Straighten ha How to straighten hair by blow-drying the hair straight.Richard Ashforth shows you in this video how to blow-dry your hair straight. Blow-dry hair straight. Click through to watch this video on videojug.Then, using a hair straightener, straighten your hair on a curved angle. Roll your hair straightener on an degree angle and lift your hair up. For your crown are Here's how to blow dry your hair an keep a natural wave. If you don't color treat or straighten your hair, you should you these helpul tips to blow dry your hair without changing it too much and without damaging your hair. You need to use a protective spray and an anti-frizz a

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