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Experienced Training


Beginners Training

With our quality on and off the field, we will take your soccer goals to the next level.

In our academy we provide professional soccer training with UEFA and USSF licensed soccer teachers.

Prepare to develop your personal level of performance in soccer. 

Our mission is focused around creating lifelong learners. Athletes who will strive to achieve on the field.

SOCCER ELITE is not affiliated with American Collegiate Academy's High School Soccer Team.

This program is available to all whether your athlete attends our school or not.  This program is available to all ages and skill levels.

The training is based on the highest educational philosophies, paired with our experiences and ideas from the world of soccer.

We believe that like us coaches, players need to think outside the box and be open to all good ideas and concepts in the world of soccer and education. That is why we integrate ideas and content from the leading nations of world soccer such as France, Spain, Germany,  England, Brazil and Italy. 
SOCCER ELITE offers our students a comprehensive view of the game and with our versatility we contribute to the great development of the players who enjoy training and enjoy the game. Every player who completes the training philosophy will develop on a personal level and as a team player. Our students achieve the right level of self-confidence to develop within a squad as well as in everyday life. 

The emphasis is on a comprehensive approach and personal development on and off the field. Our training contains all elements of modern soccer. Thus, a performance-based training from basic training to performance training to high-performance training is offered.

In addition to the technical, tactical, 1 v 1 and conditional training modules, this also includes the aspect of creativity and willingness to make decisions. 
Our students train 3- 4 times per week in the morning and 2-3 times per week in the early afternoon.   The training sessions in the morning are designed to work to strengthen your potential and to optimize your level. The focus is not on running around and condition training, because we want to increase your level at your personal skills. You will be prepared and ready for evening training with your team.

In the early afternoon sessions, we are working on the field showing you and explaining the different tactic options, how to react to different match situations, video analysis and  personal body work both inside the film room and on the field.

The most important thing is that we teach our soccer students, no matter how old and how well they play soccer, the fun of soccer and help them improve their opportunities. 


Our SOCCER ELITE Training Program also includes the following contents:

  • Individual training program 

  • High-intensity training on a pro-team level 

  • Data-based training 

  • Game and position analysis 

  • Nutritional advice 

  • Special fitness and injury prevention training

Our incredible team of European trainers are truly the heart of SOCCER ELITE. It’s their dedication, passion and talent that keeps students invested in the learning process. Take a look below to learn more about the SOCCER ELITE team.

Meet The Team


Deiter Heiman

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SOCCER ELITE offers a variety of classes for different athletic levels and sports needs. If you’re looking to improve your game and take it to the next level, you can find the support and resources you need right here. Additionally, I personally consult with every single client to understand each one’s unique goals. Because with SOCCER ELITE, every athlete matters.


Andreas Bergmann

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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”


Terry Burton

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“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”

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